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Unique Aromas, wholesale candles company, manufactures one of the largest selection of scented candles -- gel candles , floating candles , pillars, votives, container candles, gift baskets and more. These candles are made with non-lead wicks and highly refined paraffin wax specially blended with beeswax and other additives for stronger scent and longer burning time. Each and every candle is carefully hand poured for the highest quality. Only premium grade fragrance oils with the highest possible percentage of oils in all gel, pillar, jar, and votive candles.

Looking for great gift ideas? Look no more! Unique Aromas has one of the largest selection of high quality candles at wholesale prices. We have gifts for every occassions, birthday gifts, mother day gifts, wedding favors, party favors, christmas gifts, gifts for her, gifts for him and alot more. Choose from a large selection of votives, pillars, container candles, gift sets, gift baskets , floating candles, gel candles and a lot more.
Place your order online with our secured online shopping cart. For each size or style of candle below, there will be a list of scents to choose from. Over 65 scents available for pillars, jars and votives.
If you are a retailer and wish to purchase wholesale, Click here for our Wholesale Price List If you are an organization and looking for fundraising ideas, see below or click on link for our great Candle Fundraising Programs
11 oz Gel Tumbler wholesale gel candles 11 oz Tumbler wholesale candles 10 oz Gel Candle wholesale gel candles 9.5 oz Apothecary wholesale candles 16 oz Apothecary wholesale candles 13 oz Status Rock wholesale candles

Heart Floaters wholesale floating candles 7 oz Triangle Candle wholesale jar candles 16 oz Gel Candle wholesale gel candles 7.5 oz Tumbler wholesale candles 10 oz Square Jar Candle wholesale jar candles

Leaf Floaters wholesale floating candles 8 oz Status Rock wholesale candles 4/pk Square Votiveswholesale votive candles 4/pk Round. Votiveswholesale votive candles Gift Basketswholesale candles 2-wick (10 oz) Ovalwholesale jar candles

9 oz Bundt Cakeswholesale candles 3 oz Tumbler Votiveswholesale candles 3/set Round Pillarwholesale pillar candles Candle Platterswholesale candles 10 oz Coffee Mugswholesale jar candles

Tumbler & Refills wholesale candles 13 oz Rd. Pillarwholesale candles 16 oz Rd. Pillarwholesale pillar candles 23 oz Rd. Pillarwholesale pillar candles 26 oz Sq. Pillarwholesale pillar candles 3 oz Square Votivewholesale votive candles 2 oz Round Votiveswholesale votive candles

Floating Candleswholesale floating candles 6 oz Travel Tinwholesale candles Bakery Candle Gift Setswholesale candles Gift Setswholesale candles 3/pk Pillar Gift Setswholesale candles

Flower floating candles make excellent wedding favors and wedding decorations. Our rose floating candles are high in detail. We also have several leaf floating candles to go with the flower floating candles which make nice decoration.
You hear alot about the danger of gel candles. Many companies use 100% gel with glass embeds which can get very hot when burn for a long period of time, and if the container is not thick enough, it can explode. Unique Aromas do not use 100% gel. We use about 50% gel and 50% wax embeds which do not get as hot. Unique Aromas is one of the very few companies that can manufacture the Three Dimensional fruit wax embeds. The 3-D wax embeds bring out the beauty of the candle and yet it burn like a regular wax candle.
For a wholesale catalog, fax us a copy of your tax ID certificate to 1-888-741-5931 or click here to get to our Wholesale Price List Or call us at 1-800-373-7210 and set up your wholesale account.

School Fundraising Ideas
Unique Aromas Fundraising Program offers schools and non-profit organizaitons the following: High Profit, Premium Quality Products, Large Selection of Easy to Sell Items, FREE Catalogs, NO Up Front Cost or Investment to Start, Free Home Room Presort, Free Shipping and Handling, and FREE Custom Designed Brochures
Unique Aromas has several fund raising programs. Pick one that's right for your organization.
Click on each link below to see your profit for each program.
4 Page Brochure 10 oz Gel Candles 11 oz Tumbler Gel Candles 11 oz Tumbler Candles Fall Gift Items

Our best selling items are the gel preserve candles. We have two programs on just the gel candles. Your customers will love these beautiful gel preserve candles. They make excellent gift ideas and at very affordable prices.
Our fall brochure has nine best selling items for the gifts giving seasons. You can profit up to $11 per item with this brochure. All brochures come with convenience order froms
Once you decide which program is best for your organization, fax or send the fundraising request form and we'll send you as many brochures as needed to raise the needed funds for your organization.

With our program, you get to pick what you want to sell. Therefore raising the needed funds for that special project is fast and easy. Don't settle for a $1 or $2 profit programs. Profit big with Unique Aromas'. Fax or send your catalog request form today. Limited number of Fall projects will be taken for 2008.
Unique Aromas is a wholesale candles company. We use only premium materials to make our products. Our candles have the similar quality to the "Yankee Candles", strong scented, clean burning and long lasting.
Click here to printFundraising Catalog Request Form If you need additional information, don't hesitate to call us at our toll free number below. You can also send your questions via fax or email.
We also offer additional 10% to all Summer and Fall Project of 2008. Limited number of projects will be taken for this Fall of 2008. Send in your brochure request form today to reserve your space for the Fall. Emailfor more information.

Private Label
Unique Aromas offers companies large and small an opportunity to put your own company's name on a unique line of candles without actually making the products yourself. If having your own company name on your products is important to you, click on private label/unlabel for more detail

Wholesale Corporate Gifts
Candles made excellent promotional gift ideas for employees or clients. Encourage and motivate your co-workers or employees with thoughtful gifts from Unique Aromas. Check out our large selection of wholesale scented candles, candle baskets, candle gift sets, gel candles, floating candles, container candles, pillar candles and much more. We also have custom made gift baskets to meet your need.
Email us for any question or comment. Click here for our Wholesale Price List

To Place Your Order with Visa or Master Card ,
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